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Boulevard Properties is passionate about
creating business ventures world-wide that create inspiring places of an enduring quality.
The Whole Living principles identify twelve elements that form an important language for city-making.
We consistently see in our work and observe world-wide that these principles demonstrate a source for positive impact on place.
We are pleased to share our Whole Living principles with you and hope
it promotes better cities, provokes greater insight for city-makers, and most importantly,
it brings people together.


Whole Living Principles

Today, more than ever, cities are transforming in unimaginable ways. We must not forget their fundamental purpose, as stated so eloquently by Jane Jacobs, that “cities are about people and particularly about the way they bring people together.”

At the confluence of change, cities are witnessing a tremendous current of visible and invisible forces. The dynamics of urban population growth, the millennial generation and advancing technology is having a profound impact on peoples expectations, and as a result, driving unprecedented demands in our cities. There is little doubt that the twenty-first century will be transformative to cities, districts and neighborhoods world-wide.

For the first time in the history of humanity, a majority of the world population now lives in urban locations and by 2050 it is projected that the urban population alone will exceed 6 billion people, nearly 70 percent of the total world population. The annual population growth, moving from rural to urban locations, is therefore projected to grow at an average rate of 43 million people per year. Moreover, technological integration into cities is inevitable, and in response to this change it’s vital for us to simultaneously rethink and evolve our urban communities.

This new dynamic is demanding that we rethink city-making. World-wide we are witnessing massive change in a way not seen in over 70 years. Today, no matter where you live or do business, global trends are attributing greater pressure on our urban centers and challenging traditional solutions. This change creates a profound shift in the reason why people travel, where they go and what they do. At its core, it has thoroughly transformed people’s expectation of place.

The majority of the new generation is wired and connected. They are “digital natives” and more than ever seek cities that nurture, connect and inspire. Our cities are now at the tipping point of a monumental transformation, primarily driven by an invisible field of technology with the capacity to record, process and transmit your ideas, inquiries and transactions 24 hours a day. Today you can shop in you’re living room 24/7, work on-line from any location and explore the splendors of the world without leaving your home. The new urban paradigm is no longer about living in isolated housing precincts, shopping in traditional malls, or working in office cubicles. More than ever the lines between uses and activities are blurred.

Our expression for societies new expectation is a desire for “Whole Living”- a fluid and integrated living experience, focused on the synergy between: home, commerce, education, art, cultural and entertainment.

Today social exchange and authentic experiences are the new determinate for where time is spent. By bringing people and their omnipresent activities together in a way that promotes societies’ new expectations. We establish common ground, a community of exchange, and a new kind of public realm – the hallmark for twenty-first century cities. Our practice and observations have taught us that the integration of technology will continue to change our communities in complex and unexpected ways. Regardless, people’s desire for expression, cultural connection and social interaction should guide us in rethinking how we craft our cities.

We exist to do one thing: to create inspiring places of an enduring quality. Fueled by our real estate practice and global observations of nearly three decades, we have explored, deconstructed and evolved our understanding of making cities and place through our long-term perspective and cultivated principles. Our aim is to make places more meaningful, more livable, and more economically sustainable. We thoroughly believe that we must always start with the user experience, and then craft place. The other way never works.

We are passionate about making a lasting contribution world-wide. Our real estate practice is based on results and observations of places that successfully employ Whole Living principles. Whole Living principles respond to the emerging trends of the twenty-first century, and will be at the core of good city-making world-wide for decades to come. This approach guides us in our collaborations and development. We look for those opportunities that contribute both, an enduring experience for the user, and that demonstrates superior returns for shareholders.

For decades our Whole Living approach has been practiced by Boulevard Properties, and is now being embraced world-wide by cities, planners, investors, real estate developers and community influencers. We are proud to be a pioneer and industry leader in this new urban paradigm and believe it resonates in this age of technological disruption and growing urbanization.

We asked ourselves, how do we make meaningful places in the age of technology? What is the changing nature of cities in the twenty-first century? What does place, at its best, mean in the future of our cities? What is the new expectation for urban living? We know that central to our understanding is practice and global observation. We are fortunate to have lead the way on numerous unprecedented large scale mixed-use projects world-wide, and equally privileged to have explored some of the world’s great places. We have carefully considered their success and failures. Over many years the combination of these efforts has helped us gain a broad knowledge in both city-making and global trends. We now know that great places share a common convergence of principles that exhibit the “Whole Living” experience. These principles now serve as touchstones in our global practice, and establish a compelling set of truths for urban living in the twenty-first century.

The best communities today reflect the new expectation for Whole Living. These places emphasize activated public space, promote interaction, captivate the mind, and reflect a uniquely meaningful experience. The best places today challenge the mind and cultivate creative energy. Moreover, these places encourage a high volume of visitors, who stay longer, and visit more frequently – key elements for great places and sustainable economics. The utilization of “Whole Living” principles provide an extraordinary and creative solution for societies new expectation. They serve as a language that better establishes a synergistic atmosphere for living. They bring civic aspiration and community connection to a new level. They reshape our cities and neighborhoods in ways that engage and respond directly to a technology driven society. Whole Living principles guide us in the visioning, planning and making of place. They provide the tools to connect and inspire the human spirit, and most importantly, these principles help manifest superior results, both for the community and investor. Our past achievements demonstrate that these principles serve as a powerful guide in making place world-wide. In utilizing the Whole Living principles our properties consistently drive sustainable economic success, and establish social hubs for the community. They are transformational epicenter’s for their region. We’ve formulated a set of twelve principles and we believe they are universal and crucial in city-making for the 21st century.


Principles of Whole Living:


















❝ The feeling of being in a special place is one of the greatest gifts that any city can give us ❞

Paul Goldberger