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Moscow, Russia

Sanino is located in the Moscow Region within the Naro-Forminski district near the existing historic village of Sanino. The community is a transit oriented development (TOD) district with direct access to the Kievski train line and just 40 minutes from the Moscow city center.  The community is also located 10 km from an international airport.

The combination of Sanino’s landscape setting between two rivers, the Neznaika and Svinorye and its direct access to central Moscow via train, presents a wonderful lifestyle for its residents. Established as a multi-district new town, distinctly defined by commercial main streets environments, definable architectural character and connection to the natural setting. The new town will have approximately 54,600 residents. Each neighborhood is compact and walkable and will be distinctive including: cafes, shops, schools, offices, spa and wellness centers.


SITE AREA: 3.0 km2 (750 acres)

PROGRAM AREA: 2.6 mil. m2 (27.0 mil s.f)


COMMERCIAL AREA:  459,355 m2 (4.95 mil. s.f.)

PROGRAM USES: Vertically Integrated “Experience Based” Mixed-Use – Regional Park, Educational, Art and Cultural Venues, Commerical, Residential, Hospitality, Entertainment

Participation: Boulevard Properties – Strategic Alliance

Sanino emphasizes a high density, compact and walk able community focused on easy access to public transportation and a whole living experience.