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We exist to do one thing:
to create inspiring places of an enduring quality

We know more vividly today that the right direction for city-making is to integrate uses that successfully achieve synergy, and that
support, connect, engage and inspire the human spirit.



We are rethinking city-making in response to global change. We make a difference by envisioning a new urban paradigm to change the quality of people’s lives.

Our mission is to be global leaders in city-making. We emphasize sustainable real estate development practices that integrate “experience based” live, work, learn, shop, and play environments to inspire the imagination and capture the extraordinary. We leverage our executive leadership team to envision, create and execute leading edge mega-scale property developments of extraordinary character, unparalleled value and a user experience of an enduring quality. What sets us apart is leadership, innovation and years of global practice. We’re passionate about making a lasting contribution to the global community and thoroughly understand, that by taking care of the users, you also take care of the investor.

Boulevard Properties LLC is a global real estate development company focused on establishing global partnerships and strategic alliances with companies, governments and agencies to create leading-edge mega-developments and operations. We join forces world-wide with knowledge and imagination to reinvent the way we solve problems and shape innovative solutions for mega-developments and city-making. We bring a thoughtful and collaborative approach to every one of our relationships. We know that together we can make a positive impact on the world, and we thoroughly understand, that by taking care of the user you also take care of the investor.

We selectively form and lead global teams to form organizations and initiatives to create innovative solutions for mega-developments. We achieve this through collaborative relationships and an inclusive culture. We make sure everyone’s voice has a chance to be heard and respected.

Our global real estate development and operations practice focuses in four core areas: business planning, operations and organizational development, large-scale project development and strategic execution. We are real estate industry pioneers and leaders in mega-project develop and city-making, focused on creating integrated “experience based” environments that we call Whole Living. We know more vividly today that the right direction for change is by integrating uses that successfully achieve synergy to support, connect, engage and inspire the human spirit. Our teams implement “Whole Living” principles that we have evolved and crafted from years of practice and global observations, providing a foundation for visioning and implementation of global solutions for city-making.

It is one thing to dream up new visions, but we deliver them. We have created numerous real estate business, partnership and investment platforms world-wide to implement leading-edge project development. We turn abstract ideas into realities and that takes foresight into what’s possible, courage to create solutions for pioneering ideas and the knowledge and skills to make them real. We aren’t reckless, but we are bold. We have completed over 60 development projects in the USA, and over 100 developments world-wide, with individual developments exceeding $10.0 billion USD in value. These results are world renown and award winning mega-scale developments, such as: Santana Row, Treasure Island, The Shipyard, Candlestick, Al Widyan (Al Wasl), Vidnoye, Ivakino, and the Whole Living District. They are but a few examples and serve as a testament for excellence and demonstrate our commitment to creating national models. We aim to provide leading-edge experience in original solutions for emerging trends in the twenty-first century.

Today our cities around the world are transforming more rapidly than the last 70 years due to technology and global urban growth. For decades we have been at the forefront of understanding these demands and are willing and capable of disrupting the status quo – setting innovative pioneering standards based on global trends, reinventing how we live tomorrow, today. We have one metric for success and that’s the satisfaction of the user. Our core advantage is bringing decades of real estate practice and enlightened ideas in business, global resourcing and product innovation, to our alliances and partnerships world-wide.

We are thinkers, doers and makers of memorable places. We find deeper ways to connect to the users by identifying their aspirations, culture and expectations, and then, create experiences to inspire. We lead from experience, execute for maximum impact and focus on outcomes that best serve both the user and the investor. Our results demonstrate over and over that when you take care of the community first, you also take care of the investor. We remain ardent students and while maintaining reverence to our experience, location, history and culture, we constantly seek out extraordinary places, new ideas and global trends, that offer extraordinary guidance and benefit to our work.

We measure our success by the quality of the user experience and the sustainable outcomes we achieve for communities and investors. We have a fierce commitment to improve communities and cities world-wide. In collaboration with our partners and alliances we are committed to maximizing value, generating superior returns, and most importantly, making exceptional places for people.












❝ I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been ❞

Wayne Gretzky, NHL Hall of Fame 1999

We strive to create a more meaningful product for the user