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Moscow, Russia

Ivakino is located in the Moscow Region north of the MKAD in the Khimki district 3 km from the Sheremetyevo International Airport and adjacent to the Moscow canal. The land area comprises of 275 acres of land and is centered in a meadow surrounded by a mature natural forest and riparian setting. The landscape has a gentle topography with wonderful views of the forest and pond throughout the property.

Ivakino is a medium density, mixed-use community, focused on resident diversity, walkability and social connection, supported by a retail main street, sports facilities, schools, fitness and aquatic center and shopping  and restaurant center. The community will have approximately 11,650 residents. Emphasis is placed on diversity of experiences, extensive access to nature and waterfront, and a complete community environment to live, play, work, shop and learn.


SITE AREA: 1.1 km2 (275 Acres)

PROGRAM AREA: 557,418 m2 (6.0 mil s.f)


COMMERCIAL AREA: 20,000 m2 (215,000 s.f.)

PROGRAM USES: Vertically Integrated “Experience Based” Mixed-Use – Regional Park, Educational, Art and Cultural Venues, Commerical, Residential, Hospitality, Entertainment

Participation: Boulevard Properties – Strategic Alliance

“…the core of the Ivakino property is to focus on an experience of community living, fostering connection for social exchange, and the integration of nature…”