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We are rethinking city-making in response to global change.

Our mission is to be global leaders in mega-scale development and city-making. We emphasize sustainable real estate development practices that integrate “experience based” live, work, learn, shop, and play environments that inspire the heart and capture the imagination. We’re passionate about making a lasting contribution to the global community and thoroughly understand,
that by taking care of the users, you also take care of the investor.


Boulevard Properties is an international real estate corporation providing a full spectrum of core real estate development expertise in: business development, executive management, capital structuring and product development.



Recognized as an industry pioneer in mega-scale mixed-use development and city-making, combining inspirational principles with superior returns.



With 30 years experience we’ve gained expansive world knowledge of emerging trends, beyond best practices, and markets, and utilizing world-class talent to execute developments globally. We understand the dynamics that affect our markets and our experience allows us to access years of practice, global observation and a depth of expertise to plan, organize and execute for success.


❝ Cities are about people and particularly about the way they bring people together ❞

Jane Jacobs

❝…we really had no right to expect Santana Row would turn out this well. The vision was so far reaching, the commercial program so unconventional, the design so complex, the execution so painstaking…❞

Alan Hess

Jose Mercury News