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The Shipyard

San Francisco, California, USA

The Shipyard (aka Hunter’s Point) is located in the City of San Francisco, California. The power of its vision is to bring art and science together. The land area comprises of nearly 500 acres and is one of last remaining mega-scale redevelopment sites in the City. Central to the Shipyard district is the use of sustainable concepts, integrated livability, and most importantly, to reincorporate and energize the new district with the existing artist community and the introduction of a major west coast science focused green technology campus. We firmly believe that art and science our intrinsically linked and vital to establishing a productive platform for discovery. As stated, so eloquently, by Playwright, Lauren Gunderson, “science and art are a lot closer than they are portrayed because, at their heart you are trying to innovate, your are trying to investigate, and you are trying to create.” We believe that this shared space for art and science provides an ideal stage for growth and inspiration. With over 3.0 million square feet of Research and development area, San Francisco will have its first green technology district and a secure home for the art community. At its completion, the Research and Development center will be the largest green technology district in western USA. 

The landscape has a gentle topography with direct access to the waterfront and outstanding views of the San Francisco bay. The development is a high density vertically integrated mixed-use development. The program includes all asset classes and with a commercial focus on green technology research and development, supported by multiple retail streets, commercial and light industrial uses, boat marinas, an art and cultural district, schools, and a regional waterfront park.

The district will adhere to San Francisco neighborhood traditions with strong links to the city by rail, ferry and other forms of mass transit and with emphasis towards integrated live, work, play, learn and shop experiences. The district will have approximately 21,250 residents. Overall, it is a transit oriented art and science district, utilizing concepts of “Whole Living” that optimize sustainable livability. Emphasis is placed on diversity of uses and an inspirational atmosphere with waterfront access.


SITE AREA: 2.0 km2 (500 Acres)

PROGRAM AREA: 1.50 mil. m2 (16.5 mil. s.f.)


ART DISTRICT: 2,000 m2 (200,000 s.f.)

COMMERCIAL AREA: 100,000 m2 (1,0 mil.s.f.)


PROGRAM USES: Vertically Integrated “Experience Based” Mixed-Use – Regional Park, Educational, Art and Cultural Venues, Commerical, Residential, Hospitality, Entertainment

Participation: President, LENNAR Urban

“…the Hunter’s Point and Candlestick will embrace San Francisco’s tradition of distinctive  neighborhoods, the richness of sport, art and culture and establish San Francisco with the largest USA west coast Green Technology Research & Development campus…”

“…the power delivered to Hunter’s Point will be, at first, a combination of hydropower and solar power, according to PUC spokesman Tony Winnicker. Within a few years, it will be 100 percent solar, as the PUC will take advantage of the passage of AB 2573. That legislation, allows it to generate electricity from solar panels in one part of the city and deliver it to another…”