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The Whole Living Community

Chongqing, Sichuan, China

The Whole Living Community is a mega-scale mixed-use development located in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The multi-neighborhood district is located in central China’s Sichuan Provence, and the city of Chongqing. It is likely the largest city in China, with a population of 30.0 million people. The vision of the district is establish an integrated and diverse model of livability that, “Connects, Engages, and Inspires the Human Spirit.” The mega-scale development establishes a one-of-a-kind place to live, work, shop, learn and play. Its core goal is to bring the experience of international and local culture, art and performing arts, entertainment, commerce and healthy living to a new level for Chongqing and China.

The community is a new city-making district within 10 minutes from the international airport and with direct subway access from the center of the district to downtown Chongqing. The property is also part of Chongqing’s Special Economic Zone, (a.k.a. Free Trade Zone) a major job creator, global manufacturing and economic generator for the country. The property includes all asset classes, such as: residential, office, hotels, retail, food and beverage, parks, theater and performing arts, international schools and healthcare services, and entertainment.

The district offers a diverse platform and authentic experiences that inspire the users. At the heart of the community is a “Town Square” and adjoining “Esplanade,” a centerpiece and civic hub. The Square and Esplanade serve as a web to connect all neighborhoods, liken to Frederick Law Olmstead’s “Emerald Necklace,” and the La Rambla, Barcelona, enhancing walkability, density, connection, diversity, social exchange, culture and commerce.

As a multi-phased development, the annual visitor traffic is anticipated to provide a national level entertainment venue and a retail district with over 40 million visitors per year. The community’s resident population will be approximately 75,000.


SITE AREA: 2.0 km2 (500 Acres)

PROGRAM AREA: 3.0 million m2 (32.3 mil s.f)


PROGRAM USES: Vertically Integrated “Experience Based” Mixed-Use – Regional Park, Educational, Art and Cultural Venues, Commerical, Residential, Hospitality, Entertainment

Participation: Boulevard Properties LLC – Managing Partner

These lifestyle communities bring the experience of culture, art, leisure, commerce, active healthy living and civic aspiration to a new level.