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❝ It’s the unknown that draws people ❞

E. A. Bucchianeri



Whenever we initiate a new development we always have this goal to achieve, frequency of visits. It’s not enough to expect visitors to come a few times per year, but rather, we must create a place where people feel a sense of belonging and curiosity. It must be an experience that brings people back to visit, over and over again. We know that if we create this kind of connection, then we can expect people to visit with significant frequency.

One test we always impose on our work is a sense of discovery, because put simply, people like to forage. Perhaps it is human nature likened to the kind of intrigue experienced at a farmers market, bazaar or souk. It’s stimulating to find the unexpected and transforms the experience from the foreseen to an adventure. We know from observation that a sense of discovery is a stimulating experience and essential in our craft. The “nooks and crannies” of place provide for discovery and surprise. It imbues a sense of curiosity that brings people back to explore over and over.

There are many great examples world-wide that demonstrate a sense of discovery. I’ve always been struck by the sense of discovery invoked by places such as: Worth Avenue, DeGraves Lane, Xintiandi, and in cities and towns such as: Honk Kong, Paris, Perugia and Honfleur. The narrow alley ways, mystifying cloisters and unexpected artifacts excite and intrigue. But it was the Santana Row district where I first understood the power of discovery. It was there that I realized one can visit the district many times and continuously discover something new and unexpected. It is this anticipation that draws people back again and again.


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