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Vidnoye is a town to the South of Moscow and within the Moscow City “Outer Ring.” The property is to the south of Vidnoye bordering the Don Highway and the Kupelinka Lake to the east.

The natural landscape setting is stunning, its elevated position offers superb long views of the Moscow region countryside as well as shorter views to historic sites, lakes, forests and wetlands. The topography is varied with rolling hills, wooded valleys of mature birch trees and natural wetlands, combined they form a distinctive and picturesque landscape character.

The new town will have a population of approximately 42,500 residents centered around a retail hub and main street. Each highly walk-able neighborhood will be distinctive including cafes, shops, schools, offices, spa and wellness centers, all set in a landscape of natural forest overlooking a beautiful lake.


Site Area: 475 Acres (192 hectares)
Residential: 17,000
Retail: 500,000 s.f. (50,000 m2)

Boulevard Properties client

Influenced by its unique and beautiful topography, Vidnoye was developed to have the character, charm and vitality of a traditional European hill town and compliments the adjoining historic community.