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Winner of Project of the Decade, Project of the Year, the California Governor’s Economic Leadership Award, and President William Clinton Foundation’s, Climate Positive Award for a Global Model of Sustainability.


2010 Santana Row – Project of the Decade, Silicon Valley Business Journal
2009 Treasure Island – President William J. Clinton Foundation Climate Award 2009 Treasure Island – AIA Urban Design Award
2008 Treasure Island – Urban Design Award, AIA California Council
2008 Treasure Island – Governor’s Environmental & Economic Leadership Award, Sustainable Communities EPA
2006 Treasure Island – Urban Design Award – Master Plan, AIA
2004 Santana Row – Honor Award, SEGD
2004 Santana Row – Engineering Excellence Award, ACEC San Jose
2004 Santana Row – Excellence in Design Award, Cou Paris, AIA
2003 Santana Row – Project of the Year Award, Builder’s Choice
2003 Santana Row – Grand Award, Builder’s Choice, Design & Planning
2003 Santana Row – Best Mixed-Use Project of the Year, Grand Award
1998 Eden Palms – Merit Award, San Jose
1998 Recognition Award – Distinction for Service & Commitment, EHI
1997 Grace & Dignity Award – Distinction for Performance, EHI
1997 The San Pablo & Commercial Center – Maxwell Award of Excellence
1997 Pacific Grove – Award of Excellence, Gold Nugget Grand Award
1997 B Street Condominiums – Grand Award, Gold Nugget
1997 Eden Palms – Award of Merit II, Gold Nugget
1996 Eden Palms – Award of Merit I, Gold Nugget Award of Merit I
1996 Recognition Award – Distinction for Excellence in Performance, EHI
1996 The San Pablo & Commercial – Award of Excellence
1994 Glen Eden – Award of Excellence, NAHRO National
1989 Boston Vision – Silver Award, City of Boston