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Santana Row

San Jose, Silicon Valley, USA

Santana Row is one of the first large-scale mixed-use developments completed in North America. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, since its completion it has set the standard for pioneering and excellence in mixed-use lifestyle development. Santana Row is a medium to high-density vertically integrated mixed-use development, including 18 city blocks of luxury residential, hotels, urban parks, office and street retail.  It was the first of its kind and from its creation, the concepts of: “lifestyle,” “24/7,” and “live, work, play,” was born. The goal of the development was to create a great street experience and achieve the highest standards in urban living. The financial rewards continue to exemplify the benefits of a profound vision and well-executed product, consistently exceeding return premiums above the market.

It continues to be recognized as an international benchmark of excellence for mixed-use vertically integrated communities. It is regularly celebrated for its innovation and creativity in place making. Its location serves one of the highest income populations in the United States, and is at the confluence of both west and east Bay communities with a total population of over eight million.  After ten years since its completion, it continues to grow in popularity and serves as the South Bay hub for culture, entertainment and high quality urban living.

Santana Row represents the leading edge in the USA for developing a live, work, shop, and play community, where an emphasis is placed on the quality of experience and program integration.


Site Area: 45 Acres
Residential Units: 1,400
Hotels: 2 Luxury Boutique Hotels 414 keys
Retail Area: 700,000 s.f.
Office: 65,000 s.f.

Chief Development Officer – West USA, FRIT

“…Santana Row is the heart and soul of Silicon Valley…
…Santana Row is enlightened commercialism, commerce that realizes it does its best when it is part of the daily life of shopping, relaxing and doing business…
…we really had no right to expect Santana Row would turn out this well. The vision was so far reaching, the commercial program so unconventional, the design so complex, the execution so painstaking…”

Alan Hess

San Jose Mercury News