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Hunter’s Point & Candlestick

San Francisco, California, USA

Hunter’s Point and the Candlestick Park 49ers football Stadium properties are adjoining properties located in the City of San Francisco, California. The land area comprises of nearly 800 acres and is one of last remaining large redevelopment sites in the City. The landscape has a gentle topography with direct access to the waterfront and outstanding views of the south San Francisco bay. The project is a medium to high density vertically integrated mixed-use development, focused on resident diversity, green technology, research and development and supported by multiple retail streets, commercial and light industrial uses, boat marinas, an art and cultural center, schools, regional waterfront park and fitness center. The strength of the San Francisco community is in the quality and distinction of its neighborhoods. Together, Hunter’s Point and Candlestick will follow the neighborhood traditions of San Francisco with strong links to the city by rail, ferry and other forms of mass transit.

Central to the development is the use of Smart City concepts: a transit oriented, green powered environment, utilizing concepts of “whole living” to optimize a fully integrated live, work, play, learn, and shop environment.

The community will have approximately 34,000 residents. Emphasis will be placed on diversity of product offerings, extensive access to open space and waterfront and a complete neighborhood environment. With over 3.0 million square feet of commercial area, San Francisco will also have its first green technology business community, through building a new manufacturing, research and development center. This will be the largest green technology business park in western USA.  Moreover, with the existing resident art community at Hunter’s Point presents an optimal opportunity to create an art studio district focused on production, research and development within a fully integrated community.


Site Area: 790 Acres (320 hectares)
Residential Units: 13,500
Hotel: Luxury Hotel 300 keys
Art District: 200,000 s.f.
Commercial: 1,000,000 s.f. (100,000 m2)
Green Technology R & D campus: 3.0 mil s.f. (280,000 m2)

President, LENNAR Urban

“…the Hunter’s Point and Candlestick will embrace San Francisco’s tradition of distinctive  neighborhoods, the richness of sport, art and culture and establish San Francisco with the largest USA west coast Green Technology Research & Development campus…”

“…the power delivered to Hunter’s Point will be, at first, a combination of hydropower and solar power, according to PUC spokesman Tony Winnicker. Within a few years, it will be 100 percent solar, as the PUC will take advantage of the passage of AB 2573. That legislation, allows it to generate electricity from solar panels in one part of the city and deliver it to another…”