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Respond to climate, culture, and sustainable living – promote smart growth


Treasure Island, San Francisco

In 2005 we initiated a new reclamation plan to establish Treasure Island as the newest San Francisco neighborhood development in over 50 years. As one of the last opportunities to create a new district, the challenge was to establish it as a distinctively “San Franciscan neighborhood” while at the same time incorporating 21st century ways of living. For us it started with the plan itself as a direct response to climate. In addition to place, local culture, and extreme climate conditions were central drivers to establish its value, and in realizing a new San Francisco community.



Sony Center, Berlin

Simple solutions can often present monumental results. The tension structure canopy over the Berlin Sony Center joins multiple independent buildings and outdoor space into one of the most desirable public whelms in Berlin. Connected to the city streets, and protected from the weather allow the Sony Center to offer a year around entertainment and trade experience and a significant social hub for the community.


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