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With 30 years experience we’ve gained expansive world knowledge of emerging trends, best practices, markets and an international network. We bring this history to every problem to create unique outcomes.


Business Development
The Company has a track record of initiating real estate business start-ups partnerships and division’s worldwide. With a fully integrated approach and global network of relationships we establish a team and business plan to meet achievable objectives. We carefully evaluate markets, business conditions, partnerships and property opportunities that maximize value and optimize sustainable product success. Moreover, with 30 years experience we’ve gained expansive world knowledge of emerging trends, best practices, markets and world-class talent. We understand the dynamics that affect our markets and our experience allows us to access a depth of expertise to organize, plan and execute for success.


Executive Management & Strategic Planning
With a highly disciplined hands-on approach we leverage an integrated team to achieve outstanding results. Our years of real estate experience in the North America, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe markets provide us with the sensibilities to effectively manage and plan in diverse cultures and emerging markets worldwide. Moreover, our team has been involved in well over 100 real estate projects from business planning, deal structuring, finance, acquisition, development and operations. We have a consistent proven track record of success and our management record speaks for itself with consistent leadership in internationally recognized projects, individually ranging from $100.0 million to $12.0 billion USD.


Capital Sourcing & Structuring
We are driven by a passion to provide investors with the best possible opportunities in our markets. Bringing together an unparalleled multi-discipline team of professionals, we are uniquely positioned to identify, craft and capitalize on unique investments to achieved significant success. The ultimate success of our work is through the realization of high quality product execution and establishing superior returns. As a result, we’re committed to a disciplined investment model, an absolute return, and a value-driven sustainable investment strategy to achieve capital appreciation for the shareholders. To achieve our goals we approach each project as a unique and sustainable investment. Built on a foundation of viable investment criteria, we utilize international underwriting standards to attract global capital resources and a network of relationships. Our management professionals apply their multi-disciplinary expertise in real estate to meet investment goals that ultimately define success.


Product Development
The Company is uniquely positioned to craft and deliver an outstanding product with a superior return on investment. We are product pioneers and recognized industry leaders in real estate development as exemplified by a number of large-scale mixed-use projects such as Santana Row and Treasure Island, Vidnoye, Mosaic, Hunter’s Point, Candlestick and numerous others. The global trend towards fully integrated lifestyle communities was born from our leadership of internationally recognized benchmark developments such as Santana Row and Treasure Island. Moreover, we’ve been successful in gaining entitlements for some of the most controversial and complex projects in the history of these communities. With over 54 real estate developments completed and 100’s in the pipeline, we have a perfect record of entitlement success. To accomplish this we are committed to critical strategic thinking, collaboration, constant study of global best practices and trends, extraordinary attention to detail, assembly of top-tier talent, analytical rigor and careful execution. Boulevard Properties success in product development is underpinned by our passion for product, global experience, consumer satisfaction, peer recognition. We thrive on raising the bar and establishing new benchmarks of excellence in our markets.